How does PTC/ Paid to Click Work?


PTC/ Paid to Click sites work in two ways. First, there are advertisers who advertises their websites for fees. Secondly, there are the Clickers/ Clicking members who are paid to watch/surf on these advertisers' websites by clicking on their links.

The business model of PTC is like this. Advertisers pay a certain amount of fees (Let's take for eg. 10 cents) per click for people to see their site. The PTC Sites will show these Advertiser's sites to their members, who will get a percentage(for eg. 0.8 cents) per click/view for their effort. The difference between the fees paid by advertisers and the fee paid by the PTC site to their members (eg. 10 - 0.8 = 0.2 cents) becomes the income of the PTC Sites.


Can I really make money from PTCs for free?


Yes you definitely can. As long as there are advertisers willing to pay fees to advertise their website, PTC Sites and their members can make money for free.

The reality though is that many of the PTC sites try to lure people in, without getting advertisers, make their members pay them in the guise of buying referrals, investments or any other reasons and split when they collected enough money. Many of these Sites scam people this way.

This does not mean that there are no honest PTCs around. There are a couple of PTCs that have been around for 6-7 years without faulting, and with no complaints from Advertisers or Members. To make money from PTC you have to join these Honest and trusted Sites.


What is a referral?


A referral is a person whom you refer to your PTC Site. Every PTC or Make Money Online Site will give you certain priviledges to you for bringing more members to their site. Most of them will give you a percentage of your referral's earnings. Therefore, the more referrals you have, the more your earnings.


What are Direct/ Rented referrals?


Direct Referrals: A Direct Referral is one who joins your PTC or Make money online site using your username as a referrer. In other words a member who is brought to the Site by you.


How to get direct referrals: You can do it one of two ways.


First one is by way of mouth. If you have a friend or someone you know who wants to join PTC or Make money online site. You should convince them to join the Site through you as a referrer. PTC Sites will give you a referral link something like so - "". What you have to do is tell them to join the site by entering this link in the address bar of their browser or clicking on this link. What it does is when the person enter the PTC site thru this link the Sites recognises that you are the referral and records it so that you can enjoy the benefits from this member.


Second way is to advertise your referral link or banner through a site/blog. The easiest and most used process is to join a blog and write a blog article on something that is related to PTC, Make money online or such, and then put your referral link on the page so that people would click on the link or banner and join with you as referrer. Most PTC /Make Money Online Sites also give you Graphic banners that already has your referral link embedded in it. Just put the banner on your blog/site page and get a referral everytime someone clicks the banner and joins your site.


Rented Referrals: A rented referral is a member of your PTC Site who is not referred by anyone else, and is sold to you by the Site for a fee. Many of the PTC sites sell you this referrals and you buy in the hope that they will increase your investments. Rented referrals can be for different duration so in effect it is not bought, but rented. For eg. in Neobux you can rent/buy 1 referrals for 25 cents and it will be for 30 days after which will own it no more. In you can rent 10 referrals for $11.60 and it will be for lifetime i.e. you will own the referral forever.


How can I invest money in PTC to make more money?


You can invest money in PTC sites to make you even more money. The first requirement is to invest in an honest PTC Site. Once you identify the PTC Sites you would like to invest in, there are a couple of ways to make more money by investments:


1) Upgrading membership: Most of the PTC Sites have different levels of membership, the first being the free membership usually called Standard membership. Then on top of that depending on the Site they have upgraded membership like Premium, Silver, Golden or Platinum etc. To upgrade your membership there are fees charged by the Sites and thereby there also come benefits. Most PTC Sites will give you benefits on upgrading like below:

  • More earnings from your own clicks (eg. Standard = 1 cents/Gold = 1.5 cents per click)
  • More earnings from you referrals clicks (eg. Standard = .5 cents/ Gold = 1 cents per click)
  • Higher limit of Direct/ Rented Referrals you are allowed to have(eg.Standard=100/Gold=200)
  • Lower Cashout Minimum (eg. Standard = $5/ Gold = $2)
  • Ability to exchange non-clicking referrals.
  • Discount on renting of referrals
  • Ability to buy bigger package of referrals etc.etc.

2) Renting Referrals: Most PTC / Make money online Sites rent out their members who have not been referred by anyone when they join, as rented referrals. The most common investments in PTC sites is the renting of these referrals as investments. An example of the business model followed is described below:


You rent 20 referrals for one month for $5(@25 cents per referral).


20 referrals click 5 ads per day @1 cent per click = $1 per day.


Your monthly earnings from 20 referrals = $30.


Your monthly Profit from 20 referrals = $30 - $5 = $25.


The truth about making money online - What the Sites never tell you!


It is true that you can make money online from get paid to click, get paid to read emails, get paid to signup, get paid to write articles, get paid to do online surveys etc.etc. It is also absolutely true that you can invest in these sites and make more money from your investments.


What the sites never tell you is that out of these many PTC/Make Money online sites in existence today, many of them are known and identified SCAMS! I'd say about 80-90% of them. In addition to that out of the ones which are currently paying and in good standing right now, many of them would turn into SCAM in another year or so!


What it is, is that the Sites will advertise in such a way that it convince you that you could make a living out of one of their site. That assumption is as false as can be. We'd say the most you can get out of one Sites that is honest and true would not be more than say $50 or $100 a month. And that Site will still be pretty hard to find.


So are we saying that you could not make a living out of these Make money online Sites? Well, No. All the experience has taught us that you could sure make a living out of these sites, but not in one. If one's lucky enough and take time and effort to find the best of these PTC/Make money online sites and invest wisely, not in one, but many of them, it is possible to earn enough money to make a living. Get Rich? We're afraid not! Investing in many sites is crucial as the law of average tends to take over any business. While some of the investments are not paying off, the others can and even out the score.


Remember the old adage, "DON'T RISK MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE". And don't forget that you will not get anything without putting in your own effort, time, money into anything

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